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About ModelGuys

The original was a groundbreaking website when it was introduced in 1998. Today, is one of the most "have to see sites" on the net.   We started out by friends taking photos of other friends at the beach, swiming, relaxing in their room and posting them on our site.  Eventualy sites traffic was so amazing that it was costing us alot to host these photos. We decided inorder to make this work for everyone we would have to charge a minimal membership. Nate Nesbit Johan

Models from have been featured on the covers of numerous popular magazines all over the world.

After having their first ever photo shoot with our photographers, we have encouraged our models to pursue modeling. Many have taken our advice and are now represented by some of the TOP modeling agencies world wide and have been photographed by some of the leading photographers in the fashion industry.

We take pride in being able to say that our discoveries help shape some of the top fashion lines of today.

As the premier website for seeing the most beautiful guys in the world, we have displayed never before seen, high quality, exclusive photos of hot guys that are shirtless, in bathing suits, showering, and having fun, which explored every inch of the guys bodies. The great thing about our site is that DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY NUDITY.  

In the future we hope to be the destination site where other photographers are able to show the guys they photograph to the world.   

Our photos have been published in many
magazines around the world including four, 100 page magazines: XYfoto San Diego, XYfoto Hollywood, XYfoto Summer and XYfoto Vacation.  We feel
in the near future, its our time to self publish a bi-monthly magazine called "ModelGuys".

Johan Matt & RobbieYour help is needed for us to continue our growth by letting your friends know about our site.  In the Media Kit section, you will find banners and photos to help in this endeavor.

Thank you for your continued support.  We hope you enjoy as much as we Enjoyed making it.